Alumni Plaza Brick Pavers FAQ

Alumni Plaza Project – Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the brick last?

Brick Markers USA, the vendor chosen for this project, guarantees a lifetime of durability. Unlike mechanically engraved or sandblasted products, Brick Markers USA laser engraves eachbrick. Rather than paint or epoxy filled applications used in other products, this patented process transforms the text area into hardened glass. As a result, it is not subject to chipping or fading.

After I order my brick, when will it be delivered?

Ordering the bricks in bulk is essential to keep the both the production and shipping costs at a reasonable level. A group order will be submitted to Brick Markers at the end of the school year.

When will the installation begin?

Installation for bricks purchased prior to June will be installed at the beginning of the next school year. 

Am I able to choose where my brick will be placed in the plaza?

Installation of the bricks will be random. However, multiple bricks can be grouped together and every attempt will be made to satisfy such requests.

What are the inscription limitations?

Special letters, fonts, symbols not found on a typical keyboard may not be used. The inscription must fit within the spaces provided on the order form. Exceptions will not be permitted. Punctuation and spaces count as characters. Inscriptions will be centered on each line and in uppercase letters. The expectation is all brick requests will be appropriate and/or positive in nature. Brick purchasers are encouraged to be creative – within reason. Obviously, derogatory messages regarding any individual or entity will not be accepted. Commercial advertisements, other than a business or firm name, will be rejected. Political messages are inappropriate and negative references to other schools are also off limits. Rochester Adams High School and the Adams Booster Club reserve the right to approve all text prior to production and refuse to install any brick sold and subsequently found to be inappropriate.

Am I required to designate a portion of my brick purchase to a specific school organization? No. All proceeds from your brick purchase will be earmarked for the project unless otherwise specified on the order form. However, you may designate 10% of your brick purchase toward any school sponsored sport, club, or activity.

Will it be possible to purchase additional bricks after the initial installation?

The hope is the project will perpetuate and additional brick pavers will be sold and installed in future years. There will be limited space on the seating walls, however and once completed, it will not be possible to install additional bricks within the walls.

If you have additional questions, please call the Adams Athletic office – (248) 726-5208.